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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Theater review:The Devil's Music: The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith

My father took my to see "The Devil's Music: The Life and Blues of  Bessie Smith. It was at the St. Luke's Theater. Midtown, West. What a wonderful show!

Aaron Graves (Jazz pianist) was in the show. Miche Braden was fantastic in the role of Bessie Smith!  She has a gorgeous voice and great control over her instrument. She was beautiful, funny, believable.
Miche Braden plays Bessie Smith, NYC. This photo and more from: by John Quilty.
 Bessie Smith..."St. Louis Blues". Gone, but never forgotten! 
It was a one act, which was cool. 90 minutes long, the time flew. Not a boring moment. So much great music from 4 musicians on stage! See this musical if you can. Also at the same theater, a musical on Fanny Brice and one on Danny Kay (through the voice of his wife(?)) For more info on the above mentioned shows, please check out the link below..

Here's what this Theater Blog had to say about the show, as well as providing info, directions, pricing, etc.:

"Bessie Smith comes across as larger than life and all too human at the same time. Hers is a fascinating story, and The Devil's Music tells it with equal parts love and panache. It's playing at the St. Luke's Theater in New York. Catch it!"

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