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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ebony Magazine..November issue (Cover photo: Nia Long)..

Or should I say a "gorgeous and pregnant Nia Long" on the cover? I'm in the Advocate section of the November issue of Ebony Magazine, pg. 28. The article regards Jazz, advocacy, and these hard times. Please check when you have time:) I'm still so excited about can't find it on their site yet
Also, please send me an email at: davoyce84@ to receive updates

Ebony Magazine


  1. Yep, posting on my own blog, checking to see if it works:) Please leave a comment, it would help me to know if this blog is working correctly. Thanks,

  2. Thanks Okaru:) I love what you do with Cheroke! you sound great as well..keep up the beautiful music.

  3. Susan you are simply amazing. I wish I could bottle you up and sell you...I'd be a millionaire!! Keep singing baby!!!