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Porschea and I near the top of the musical, "Stolen Waters". I play her protective spirit guide, singing "Motherless Child".
Stolen Waters are SweetWritten and Directed by Anthony Harper 

Go to Anthony's site for all bio's, photos, info, and more on "Stolen Water's":

Performed October 30th, 2010 at Medgar Evers College..

All the following info is directly from 3food's website. Anthony Harper, the creator of "Stolen Water's" is a soulful, generous, musical, handsome, intelligent, kind, wise, patient, and "kick-butt" actor, director, and is currently working on, I believe, 2 more musicals (I'm sure of one) rooted in the blues.
Great fun working with Richard Clements and Corcoran Holt after the play! Please take a moment to check out the site: It's really a piece about family and pride and honesty. DEEEEP!!! But funny and real as well! I loved being a part of this! Read