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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Susan Kramer sings in the production of "Nightmare:Emmit Till"..

Dream Drama Fest Presents:

Nightmare: Emmit Till: A new play by CHARLES E. DREW JR. (featured vocalist-Susan  Kramer):

August 28thth, 2011 (7pm-9pm) $5 Cover

Emmit Till's Mother, Mamie being supported by family at the funeral of her son.

Susan Kramer will sing "Strange Fruit" at the top of this deeply moving play about the murder of Emmit Till, staring Anthony Harper, Jacqueline Dowd, (more to come...)

Location: tba

*Roana, a good friend and great Jazz singer in her own right, just reminded me that The Charlie Parker festival and Nightmare fall on the same day! How wonderful!! please spread the word about the play. I'm pretty sure it will be in Manhattan, but I will post exact location and cost soon. I think it's just $5.  I 've seen it twice, and could sit through many more shows . Each time impacted my differently and more deeply. The actors where wonderful!!! Thanks for writing this piece Charles and for allowing me to take part!

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