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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

John Smith's review: The Moldy Fig...

Review: Moldy Fig

From: John D <>
Subject: Moldy Fig
To: "smithjohnd" <>
Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2011, 3:57 AM

Note, I did not leave Moldy Fig until shortly after 1a.m.,
having stayed for the open mic, which began about
12:20a.m.  More than 1/2 hour went by before Wade
Barnes and his musicians cleared the stage and a
great, young trio (piano, bass and drums) got started
(I did not get any of their names as the mic was not
set up).  They did about four selections, all of which
were unknown to me.
Open mic was worth hanging for.  My neighbor, vocalist
Susan Kramer, and her drummer accompanist Bernard
Linette (who will be appearing at the Metropolitan Room
shortly - stay tuned) were accompanied by bassist
Tyler Mitchel (he will be the house band at Moldy Fig
this Thursday evening at 8p.m.), and an excellent guitarist
whose name I did not hear.  They performed like an
ensemble that had been together for some time.  In
other words, they were really smokin'. 
They were followed by yet another trio (a pianist who
could not resist the blues number another fine vocalist
dropped on us) made it a quartet. 
When I left Modly Fig only the open mic performers, the
staff and possibly three or four patrons were holding down
the place.  My journey home was a pleasant dozen plus
blocks walk home.  Time for some shuteye. 
P.S.  Your addresses will remain anonymous (I picked up 
a few new email address today).

Well, there's all this extra space below John's review, so I decided fill the space. Yeah, my first blog photo and upload successful! Enjoy! And remember, I'd appreciate any and all suggestions on how to improve this blog.

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