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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Moldy Fig

Good Morning! Just arrived home from hanging with a Jazz Musician friend, combing the city for some late Monday night live music sounds! Went to the Moldy Fig around 12:13am, had a nice, cold Beer, but unfortunately we missed the band and there was no Jam Session.

The Moldy Fig is located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, off Clinton Street. Here’s the website:

It’s one of the loveliest Jazz Clubs in the City I’ve ever seen. The Moldy Fig has an elegant, yet casual vibe. I would feel equally comfortable going there wearing jeans or a cocktail dress. The decor lends itself to and compliments both. Maybe it’s the warm staff. Either way, I wish them luck and encourage people to check out and support this great new jazz venue on the lower east side.

Do you have some stories to tell about your experiences on the Jazz Scene in NYC and beyond Please share them! 

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